Small Claims Court
Don't let the name fool you. Small Claims Court is very serious business.

The monetary jurisdiction is the amount of money that the court may order one party to pay another, not including interest and costs. The most money that someone can seek in Small Claims Court is $25,000.00 not including interest and costs.

There are costs, legal fees and disbursements involved in a Small Claims Court action.

A Small Claims Court action is started with a Plaintiff's Claims. A good plaintiff's claim is supported by strong pleadings, supporting documents, evidence and witness testimony. A plaintiff can lose in court if the plaintiff's Claim is weak. Considering the amount of money involved, is it really advisable to try and represent yourself?

There are many documents to deal with in Small Claims Court, such as: a Plaintiff's Claim, Defence, Defendant's Claim, Summons to Witness, Affidavit of Service, Notice of Garnishment, Garnishee's Statement, Request to Clerk for a Default Judgment, Default Judgment, etc.

These can be complicated to complete. A person could lose a court case if the statements are not completed properly. "If you don't ask for something properly, chances are that you are not going to get it.

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